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Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

The safety-certified and secure foundational software platform for the car

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Software is Driving the Future of Automotive

We are in the midst of a pivotal moment in the evolution of the car. The electronic architecture of the vehicle is evolving from being hardware-driven to software-defined. Software is truly driving the transition to next generation automotive architectures of connected and autonomous cars.

BlackBerry QNX is perfectly positioned to address this software evolution with the broadest set of solutions, the expertise, and the pedigree that makes it an automotive software leader for the biggest OEM and Tier 1 brands.


Modern vehicles require safety certification to ISO 26262 for systems such as ADAS and digital instrument clusters. Some of these critical systems require software that is pre-certified up to ISO 26262 ASIL D, the highest safety integrity level.


There can be no safety without security. As the software in a car grows so does the attack surface, which makes it more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Each poorly constructed piece of software represents a potential vulnerability that can be exploited.

The BlackBerry QNX Safety and Security Story

Automotive Software Leadership

Software Solutions for the Modern Vehicle

BlackBerry QNX offers the broadest set of safety-certified and secure software solutions to build automotive subsystems and ECUs.

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Digital Cockpits

QNX Platform for Digital Cockpits is the world’s first safe and secure digital cockpit solution and is designed to give automakers a complete cockpit software solution built on proven digital instrument cluster, infotainment and hypervisor technologies.

Learn about digital cockpits


The QNX Hypervisor is a foundational element of a safe and secure domain controller because it enables developers to partition, separate, and isolate environments of mixed criticality to run on a single ECU.

Learn about QNX Hypervisor

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