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QNX Momentics Tool Suite

Development and debugging tools for QNX Neutrino RTOS

Product Brief

Time-saving Tools for the Entire Development Cycle in a Single, Unified Standards-based Environment

The QNX® Momentics® Tool Suite is a comprehensive, Eclipse-based integrated development environment with innovative profiling tools for maximum insight into system behavior. Comprehensive and tightly integrated, the QNX® Momentics® Tool Suite has everything developers need to quickly build and optimize applications for the QNX Neutrino® Realtime Operating System (RTOS).

From board bring-up to remote diagnostics, the QNX Momentics Tool Suite provides time-saving tools for the entire development cycle, all in a single, easy-to-use environment.

Enabling Shorter Debug Times and Faster Time-to-market of Embedded Systems

Design Flexibility

Development teams are able to determine the best target platform for a project, and the host and programming language that best suits their skills and preferences.

  • C and C++ programming languages
  • Windows, Linux and macOS hosts
  • ARM and x86 targets

The QNX Momentics Tool Suite even offers the flexibility to work with a mix of languages and processor architectures.

Unified Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment

Eclipse provides well-defined interfaces to ensure that tools work together seamlessly. All tools share the same look and feel, so developers only need to learn one user interface.

Developers also benefit from an open, extensible platform for tool integration supported by a large and rapidly growing community of tool vendors and developers. They can plug in third-party tools, or build their own plug-ins using the industry-standard Eclipse framework.

Accelerate Development Times

The QNX Momentics Tool Suite provides productivity and quality analysis tools that accelerate all phases of product delivery, such as:

  • Wizards for quickly and easily creating projects
  • A system builder for generating target images with pre-built files

A code coverage tool for highlighting exercised source code paths for speedier and more thorough quality assurance.

Optimize System Resources

The QNX Momentics Tool Suite’s unique tool set facilitates not only debugging but also performance optimization. Tools such as the system profiler and application profiler let developers pinpoint where — in both single-core and multi-core systems — optimizations will most improve performance, while tools such as the code coverage tool and Valgrind provide everything necessary for building the most robust and reliable embedded systems possible.


The QNX Momentics Tool Suite offers all the development and debugging features commonly found in other Eclipse-based IDEs, plus unique QNX capabilities, such as multi-core system profiling and extensible embedded target diagnosis and debugging.


The QNX Momentics Tool Suite provides an optimized environment for C and C++ development. Developers can work in either a command-line or a graphical IDE environment, and take advantage of many productivity features, such as wizards, code editors, and flexible makefile structures.

The QNX Momentics Tool Suite includes built-in project wizards to automate the entire project-creation process. Developers can:

  • Choose between C, C++, makefile, and QNX projects
  • Create a project for any combination of target processors with a guide through the steps
  • Populate the project with build directories, dependency files, and starting source code
  • Automatically compile the entire project to create a working application

The QNX Momentics Tool Suite code editors offer a large set of user-defined preferences and the most useful time-saving features, including cut-and-paste, undo, commenting, highlighting, and language-specific indentation.

The IDE lets developers use the build tools they prefer for embedded system development. They can build exactly the same binaries and context with Command-line and IDE tools.

With the IDE, developers can manage all source code in just one environment. The IDE supports GIT, Subversion and CVS. Many other configuration management systems can be accessed through Eclipse plugins: ClearCase, Perforce, SCWI, etc.


Views from any of the other tools can be opened directly in the source debugger to provide complete application state and data information.  Other capabilities of the source debugger allow developers to:

  • Concurrently debug multiple applications coded in C and C++
  • Debug multi-threaded applications with independent tracking for each thread and trace control from thread to thread
  • Debug multiple processes distributed across multiple CPUs / cores and trace execution paths from one CPU to another
  • Dynamically attach the debugger to any running process
  • Perform post-mortem analysis of core dump files

With the QNX Momentics Tool Suite application profiler, developers can examine the overall performance of programs, no matter how large or complex, without following the source one line at a time. Developers can quickly target areas of highly used code for debugging, performance analysis, and optimization.

The QNX® Momentics® Tool Suite system profiler works in concert with the instrumented kernel to provide insight into the operating system's events and activities. Like the application profiler, the system profiler can help pinpoint areas that need improvement at a system-wide level:

  • IPC bottlenecks — by observing the flow of messages among threads
  • Resource contention — by watching threads as they change states
  • Cache coherency in a multi-core machine — by watching threads as they migrate from one CPU or core to another

The QNX Momentics Tool Suite includes an integrated code coverage tool that developers can use to identify code that did not run during testing. It also allows developers to either modify the test suite to run the code or remove the code if no longer needed.

Target Management

The system builder simplifies the building of OS images for embedded systems, saving developers countless hours when they create boot images for RAM, and custom Flash file system images. For every image created, the system builder:

  • Supports the creation of new target image projects
  • Lets developers import a pre-built target file from a BSP or other target image
  • Enables migration of existing system builder projects from previous versions of QNX Momentics Tool Suite

The target agent enables any tool in the IDE to communicate with the target. The unique, extensible target-agent architecture supports multiple target tool service interactions, such as launching, debugging, profiling, and information gathering.

The IDE includes a target file-system navigator, which provides a consistent view of target systems. Developers can use the target navigator to perform numerous tasks:

  • Define targets and connect to them
  • Associate a default project, such as a system image, with a specific target system
  • Determine the accessibility of all target boards and devices
  • Choose a specific target for an action, such as launching Telnet session
  • Show information for connection, memory allocation, memory, process, and signal information views

The IDE includes a target system information tool that provides a wealth of live and post-mortem information from the target system:

  • Detects points of high resource use — memory consumption, CPU utilization, and number of file connections
  • Helps detect and resolve potential deadlock situations — presents a graphical representation of the blocking relationships among processes
  • Manipulates files on a remote target system as if they were residing on a local host
  • Transfers new files to a remote target, where they can be edited directly from the IDE
  • Extends the program launcher, allowing developers to launch executables on the target with a simple double-click

QNX Neutrino RTOS

QNX Neutrino® Realtime Operating System (RTOS), a full-featured and robust RTOS designed to enable the next-generation of products for automotive, medical, transportation, military and industrial embedded systems

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