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QNX Wireless Framework

Wireless connectivity framework for embedded systems

Product Brief

Rapid Cellular and Wi-Fi Integration for Embedded System Applications

Modem technology for embedded systems is evolving quickly, creating demand for system designs that can rapidly and flexibly support the latest cellular or Wi-Fi communications hardware. In order to achieve this connectivity, a large set of software is required to initialize and manage a cellular modem – the QNX® Wireless Framework is this software.

The QNX Wireless Framework achieves this through an easy-to-use application programming interface (API) that remains consistent, regardless of the underlying cellular or Wi Fi module or chipset. The API simplifies system design for today’s medical devices, industrial controllers, and in-car infotainment units by managing the complexities of modem control. Further, the QNX Wireless Framework provides a rich feature set to enable a variety of useful vertical-specific applications.

Proven, Flexible, and Efficient Connectivity Platform

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Scalable Architecture and Common API

Applications can use the same API, regardless of the underlying module or chipset, allowing developers to create future-proof designs that can support new cellular or Wi-Fi features without the cost of a completely new integration. The modular architecture allows the project to only use the modules that are required.

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The QNX Wireless Framework has the flexibility to support modems and wireless modules from numerous, market-leading vendors. The framework’s architecture allows developers to create future-proof applications that can support new cellular or Wi-Fi features without the cost of a completely new integration.

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Quick Time-To-Market

A selection of modules from market-leading vendors are pre-integrated in the QNX Wireless Framework, which allows customers to stimulate rapid prototype development, de-risk acceptance and jump-start their connected solutions. Prototyping is aided  by an automated test suite that validates all features on reference configurations. 

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Cost Effective

The  QNX Wireless Framework results in lower total cost of ownership & reduced bill of materials (BOM) costs. The solution allows projects to optimize module selection to match product needs without incurring excessive engineering costs.


QNX Wireless Framework Data Runtime Module

The QNX Wireless Framework is the result of know-how gained from the development of wireless solutions that have been proven in the most complex wireless connectivity environments and deployed in 10’s of millions of devices across 100s of carriers globally. Your project can take advantage of this framework to rapidly deliver wireless products of the highest quality, performance and reliability


  • CRM (Cellular Resource Manager)
  • Support for industry leading Cellular and Wi-Fi modules
  • Radio Control and Status
  • SMS (Short Message Service)
  • CBS (Cellular Broadcast Services)/CMAS (Commercial Mobile Alert System)
  • Carrier Profile Management
  • UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card) Management
  • SIM Application Toolkit (STK) refresh support (allows cellular operators to
  • update subscription, identification information and service configurations)
  • CNICE (Cellular Network Interface Controller)
  • BM (Bearer Management)
  • CDSC (Cellular Data Service Controller)
  • IO-PKT Cellular Driver


  • WLAN manager
  • WPA Supplicant
  • Wi-Fi chipset driver
  • Wi-Fi direct

QNX Wireless Framework Voice Runtime Module

  • Phone Services
  • Emergency Calling
  • eCall for Europe
  • Audio Manager

QNX Neutrino Realtime Operating System

The QNX Neutrino® real-time operating system is a full-featured and robust multi-core operating system that exceeds the most demanding reliability, performance, and security needs. The architecture incorporates core functionality into a microkernel while leaving drivers, networking stacks, and other OS services outside in memory protected space – providing unparalleled reliability, a higher degree of determinism, and fault-tolerance.


Product Brief: QNX Wireless Framework


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