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Embedded Software

Solutions for mission-critical systems

The Challenges of Building Mission-critical Systems

To design, develop, deploy and maintain mission-critical systems is a formidable task. Whether your domain is aerospace, automobiles, drones, industrial automation, medical devices, military applications, or robotics, , the common challenges of embedded software development remain the same and come down to three themes:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Reliability

The BlackBerry QNX Safety and Security Story


The mission-critical nature of many general embedded systems is predicated by an increasing dependence on the correct operation of sophisticated software.

BlackBerry QNX offers pre-certified software solutions that largely remove the unknowns in project planning, in both time and budget.


The German language uses the same word ‘Sicherheit’ for safety and security, which is fitting because it’s hard to achieve one without the other, especially for mission-critical systems.

BlackBerry QNX has an established pedigree in security and is a leader in supplying reliable, safe and secure software platforms for mission critical systems.


The nature of many embedded systems is mission-critical, required to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without failure. Such systems must be safety-certified, extremely reliable, and highly secure.  

BlackBerry QNX offers ‘five nines’ reliability. Ideally suited for mission-critical systems where a high level of availability is imperative.

BlackBerry QNX is Trusted Across Multiple Industries

Medical Devices
Medical Devices
Deterministic, safety-compliant RTOS for the unique challenges of a regulated industry.
Industrial & Robotics
Industrial & Robotics
Safety-certified and secure foundational software for automation and robotics.
A highly efficient path to functional safety certification for railway transportation.
Security & Defense
Security & Defense
Proven technology for the highest level of confidence and fault tolerance.

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