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Industrial Automation

Embedded software solutions

When Precision meets Reliability

Software, modern machinery and robotics are working in concert to redefine the manufacturing industry through industrial automation.

Industrial automation has brought significant advancements and transformed manufacturing and operations in plants, assembly lines and warehouses where the goal is to maximize production uptime, achieve efficiency, minimize risks and reduce costs.

BlackBerry QNX is fuelling this automation and robotics evolution through software in applications like Programmable Logic Controllers that enable manufacturers to create complex connected systems that are defined by their precision, reliability and deterministic behaviour, and run non-stop and remain in-field for a very long time.

The BlackBerry QNX Safety and Security Story


As industrial automation and robotics systems adopt more powerful hardware and sophisticated software, meeting functional safety requirements becomes a greater challenge.

BlackBerry QNX provides a reliable RTOS foundation that offers fault-tolerant, fail-safe design, pre-certified to IEC 61508 SIL 3—the  dominant international standard for functional safety in mission-critical systems.


Industrial automation is heralded for its output, maximized uptime and reliability. Cybersecurity threats that can take systems offline are a real threat.

BlackBerry QNX offers solutions with built-in security measures, adherence to security standards and the ability to secure embedded software over the lifetime of the system.  


BlackBerry QNX has decades of experience in the harshest industrial environments, with a history of multi-year uptimes for mission-critical systems. The microkernel architecture of the QNX Neutrino RTOS is perfectly suited for industrial automation systems where each component is protected, and can recover without a system interruption or reset. 

QNX OS for Safety

QNX OS for Safety is a software solution that provides the reliable foundation necessary for building safe and competitive industrial automation and robotic systems in a cost-effective manner.

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QNX Hypervisor

QNX® Hypervisor is a real-time, Type 1 hypervisor that offers virtualization technology for complex embedded systems in industrial automation, enabling the secure separation and isolation of operating systems on a single SoC.

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