Manufacturers today face the challenge of producing increasingly complex systems that maximize production uptime, minimize risks, and reduce costs. In fact, today’s software must be reusable across multiple product lines and enable manufacturers to create complex connected systems that run non-stop and remain in-field for a very long time.

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Why customers choose QNX

QNX Software Systems offers a comprehensive portfolio of industrial solutions for addressing today's challenges be it a mission-critical wind-turbine controller, a distributed and connected platform on a factory floor, or a user-centric POS device with a rich HMI. Our unique field-proven industrial platform, deep embedded experience, and industry-leading reliability enable you to create custom solutions with low bill of materials development, and maintenance costs. Our robust partner ecosystem and experienced services practice help you speed up and build out solutions as needed. And our certification solutions ensure your solutions meet even the most stringent of industry standards.

  • Technology — the QNX industrial software architecture
  • Certifications — IEC 61508, SIL3, CC EAL 4+, ISO9001 and others.
  • Ecosystem — silicon, protocols, tools and more
  • Services — everything from training through consulting to development
  • Safety – IEC 61508

Here's how you'll benefit

  • Dramatically reduce your development risks by partnering with the embedded industry leader – QNX Software Systems has more production experience than any other supplier and a long-standing history of multi-year uptimes. Some of our solutions that are in nuclear facilities have been running for over 10 years without booting.
  • Measurably improve your bottom line by using advanced tooling for rapid development and minimal in-field maintenance
  • Maximize production uptime with a high-availability framework, industry-leading reliability, and dynamic in-field upgradeability
  • Leverage development skills and software assets across multiple products with standards-based technology (POSIX, etc) and a modular architecture


The QNX industrial software architecture provides the most complete industrial software platform available today. It offers unprecedented scalability – from a deeply embedded real-time device to a massively distributed system with hundreds of nodes – while satisfying a full range of UI requirements. With nearly 30 years of field-proven reliability in the harshest industrial environments, the QNX industrial software architecture is the foundation you can trust for your next design.


Safety, security, reliability, portability. These values lie at the very core of the QNX industrial software architecture; they also form the foundation for certifications critical to many industrial products. To demonstrate its commitment to industrial automation customers, QNX Software Systems has undertaken several strategic certification programs. These programs help customers reduce costs, improve time to market, and maximize reusability of software assets.


QNX Professional Services is a dedicated group of engineers offering a unique mix of skills, contacts, and deep industrial experience to help address key development challenges. We understand the vital role that certifications and standards play in your success and can help you hit your project milestones on time, on budget, and on specifications.

Integrated development environment

The QNX® Momentics® Tool Suite is the industry's most advanced IDE for real-time development. It offers a full spectrum of tools for developing, debugging, and analyzing the most sophisticated industrial systems on the market today. The system profiler in particular is highly valued by industrial application designers to dynamically analyze complex systems in real time for optimal system-level design.

See also: QNX Momentics Tool Suite

Advanced HMI

For the most advanced industrial user interfaces, QNX Software Systems supports HMIs based on Open GL ES. These advanced HMI technologies provide the ability to create content-rich HMIs typically targeted for industrial applications with consumer interaction such as automated ticketing systems, point-of-sale devices, digital signage, and security systems. 

Core graphics

The QNX graphics framework provides the base foundation upon which all other QNX graphics technologies are built. It provides the framework for controlling from the simplest to the most complex graphics chips and provides interfaces to support 2D (raster and OpenVG) and 3D (OpenGL ES), layer control, video capture, advanced fonts, and image library specifically optimized for embedded systems.



Media rendering

Media capabilities are becoming increasingly important in industrial applications, especially in systems that provide a rich user experience. QNX Software Systems has support for a wide range of middleware technologies (including audio and video codecs) and data streaming for applications such as network security cameras.

Web servers

For remote monitoring of industrial devices, QNX Software Systems supports a tiny embedded HTTP 1.1 web server that supports CGI 1.1, authentication, and dynamic HTML. A port is also available for the industry-standard Apache web server that accommodates higher performance systems.

OS services

File systems

QNX Software Systems supports a wide range of block and flash file system formats. Industrial designers value the reliability and security of our power-safe disk file system for guaranteed data integrity even under extreme conditions. Our NOR and NAND flash file systems provide enhanced features such as a standard POSIX interface, fault tolerance to power failures, and wear leveling that ensures extended flash memory components lifetime.

See also: QNX Neutrino RTOS File Systems

High availability

Due to their mission-critical nature, safety concerns, and sensitivity to downtime costs, most industrial systems require a higher degree of reliability than consumer or business systems. For maximum uptime, the QNX high availability framework provides critical process monitoring and restarts and allow processes to restart without the need to reboot the whole system.

See also: QNX Neutrino RTOS High Availability

Adaptive Partitioning

For industrial systems that are subject to bursts of high activity or need to safely contain third-party software, QNX adaptive partitioning technology provides the ability to guarantee the allocation of CPU time while optimizing system performance.

See also: QNX Neutrino RTOS Adaptive Partitioning


Industrial designs are becoming more distributed with wired and wireless connectivity between devices , the control hub, and the enterprise. QNX Software Systems offers one of the most comprehensive networking solutions for an embeddable RTOS with capabilities typically reserved for desktops and servers. Our native distributed processing supports complex distributed systems in which multiple devices seamlessly share resources and communicate using standard protocols.

QNX networking

The QNX partner ecosystem offers standard networking protocols as well as a wide range of industrial and Ethernet protocols.

See also: QNX Neutrino RTOS Networking

Core OS

Core operating system

The foundation for any complex industrial software is the realtime operating system. The QNX Neutrino RTOS is designed specifically to meet the most demanding reliability and performance requirements. The microkernel architecture incorporates only the core functionality into a tiny, well-tested kernel and leaves drivers, networking stacks, and other services outside in memory protected space. The fact that these components reside outside of the kernel allows the system to achieve a higher degree of determinism and fault-tolerance.

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